About the Network

TAIN is the first organized angel investors network in Tanzania that seeks to promote angel investing culture and grow innovative start-ups in Tanzania.

The network acts as a vehicle to generate deal opportunities, facilitates, and manages investments. The network operates in Tanzania only and targets start-ups based and operates in Tanzania.

The network is managed by SSC Capital, as a manager-managed network

Who is an angel investor?

Is an individual who provides risky capital in exchange of equity ownership or convertible debt. In addition to capital, he/she also offers mentorship and share of business network.

We are extending the definition to include institutional investors.


TAIN is a manager-managed network by SSC Capital which oversees the management of all investment functions and administrative activities of the Network.

Angel investors subscribe to the network as members to provide funding and mentorship to start-ups.

The Network operates as a loose structure, managed as a platform and not as a holding company for portfolio investments.

The investors invest directly to portfolio companies, either individually or as a group. In scenarios where members want to invest as a group, a separate holding company will be formed where members will be the subscribers

Objectives of the network

1.To promote the culture of angel investing in Tanzania

2.To support innovation in Tanzania through investing in,  and mentoring innovative start-ups

3.To provide investment opportunities in start-ups for investors with above-the-average risk appetite

4.To promote and strengthen the angel investing ecosystem in Tanzania

5.To prepare potential deals for PE/VCs through follow-on financing/exits of AIs