• TAIN is a manager-managed network by SSC Capital which oversees the management of all investment functions and administrative activities of the Network
  • Angel investors subscribe to the network as members to provide funding and mentorship to start-ups
  • The Network operates as a loose structure, managed as a platform and not as a holding company for portfolio investments.
  • The investors invest directly to portfolio companies, either individually or as a group
  • In scenarios where members want to invest as a group, a separate holding company will be formed where members will be the subscribers
Angel investors

•      Investing

•      Mentoring & Coaching

•      Networks

•      Partly in due diligence

Manager (SSC Capital)

•      Deal sourcing & pipeline management

•      Training

•      Handles the entire investment process

•      Manages all administrative activities

•      Organizing live pitches

•      Coordinating mentoring and coaching

•      Handles all paperwork

•      Organizing all meetings

•      Recruitment of members

•      Post-investment monitoring

Investment process

Managing portfolio companies

  • Investment monitoring by the Network Manager
  • Taking board seat in the portfolio company by the angel investor or their representative
  • Quarterly investment tracker report by the Manager
  • Mentorship (group and 1-1 facilitation, use of online platforms)
  • Each angel investor must allocate at least one session with investee companies for coaching

Investor support

  • Quarterly monitoring reports of portfolio companies
  • Board meetings participation
  • Ad-hoc visits